Sorceress in Dido and Aeneas

with Juilliard415 in the Wilson Theater at the Juilliard School

“Myka Murphy, as the Sorceress, followed Jonas-O’Toole’s solo with the powerful aria “Wayward sisters you that fright.” Murphy moved about on top of the table and drew all eyes to her sinister and sensual portrayal of character. Her voice was a powerhouse that drove along this aria with an abundant quality of strength.” (Jennifer Pyron of OperaWire)

“Mezzo-soprano Myka Murphy, assigned some vigorous moves by choreographer Claudia Schreier, sang the Sorceress with imagination and aplomb.” (F. Paul Driscoll of Opera News)

“And it has made the Sorceress into a major role that was a field-day for mezzo Myka Murphy, from her entrance in Act II calling out to the others of her ilk, "Wayward sisters..." (Richard Sasanow from

“Who else could have portrayed the Sorceress but mezzo-soprano Myka Murphy, who erupted with malevolent glee coloring her impressively rich voice.” (Meche Kroop of Voce di Meche)

New York Festival of Song with Juilliard

William Bolcom & John Corigliano: A Festive 80th Birthday Tribute

“Murphy chewed nails and spits tacks in ”The Last Lousy Moments of Love,” as she relived the perfidy of man–a particular man–whom I think we all may have dated at one point…Next, Murphy gave us full-voiced delight, as she explained how to “Swing Those Obbligatos Around, to Alice Fulton’s text, from “I Will Breathe a Mountain.” (Sherri Rase from [Q] on stage)

“Mezzo-soprano Myka Murphy grabbed the audience's attention and held it firmly from start to finish in "At the Last Lousy Moments of Love" from Bolcom's Cabaret Songs. All the bitterness of the text came through because of her clear enunciation; not a word was missed.” (Meche Kroop of Voce di Meche)

Maman and La Libelulle

L'enfant et les sortilèges at Alice Tully Hall with The Juilliard School

“The role of the mother was sung by Myka Murphy who has a very different sort of mezzo and we hear a definite contralto in the making. We couldn't keep from fantasizing about the roles she will take down the road from now.” (Meche Kroop of Voce di Meche)

“…mezzo Myka Murphy was resonant at the child's Mama.” (Richard Sasanow from